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The LabEx ITEM is a research network in the field of humanities and social sciences. The research laboratories that make up this network come from institutions located in the Isere and the Savoie french departments. Labex ITEM's vocation is to provide the mountain territories with the analytical capacity and expertise that are essential to cope with the various forms of change they face: economical, demographical, cultural, climatic and so on.

The objective of this platform is to to shed light on the LabEx ITEM's own activities and networks. Its goal is also to communicate about its partners' various information when related to the mountain territories. This is an open communication and collaborative tool for everyone.

This platform is currently in beta test. Don't hesitate to send us your comments.


Journal of Mountain Science

Debris flows monitoring and localization using infrasonic signals

Abstract Infrasonic waves (frequency ≤ 20 Hz) are generated during the formation and movement of debris flows, traveling in air with a speed far higher than that of the debris-flow movement. Infrasound monitoring and localization o...

Journal of Mountain Science

Community attitudes toward ecotourism development and environmental conservation in nature reserve: a case of Fujian Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, China

Abstract Using social exchange theory, this study investigated residents’ attitudes toward the preliminary stage of tourism development in nature reserves in Wuyishan National Nature Reserve of China, and the socio-economic and neg...

Journal of Mountain Science

Recreational potential as an indicator of accessibility control in protected mountain forest areas

Abstract The article presents research findings related to recreational use of forests located in protected mountainous areas with forestage of over 80%. The study was designed to identify recreational potential of the Carpathian n...

Journal of Mountain Science

Soil detachment and transport under the combined action of rainfall and runoff energy on shallow overland flow

Abstract Rainfall and runoff energy results in soil erosion. This paper presents new the concepts of rainfall and runoff energy and analyzes the relationship of rainfall energy and runoff energy with sediment transport based on the...

Journal of Mountain Science

Flood events and their effects in a Himalayan mountain river: Geomorphological examples from the Buri Gandaki Valley, Nepal

Abstract This research examines flood events and related human interactions in the northwestern Himalayan Buri Gandaki Valley (Nepal). Past flood events that left traces at elevations between 3745 m to 780 m above sea level were in...

Journal of Mountain Science

Hazard and population vulnerability analysis: a step towards landslide risk assessment

Abstract In this paper, an attempt to analyse landslide hazard and vulnerability in the municipality of Pahuatlán, Puebla, Mexico, is presented. In order to estimate landslide hazard, the susceptibility, magnitude (area-velocity ra...

Journal of Mountain Science

Predicting landslide scenes under potential earthquake scenarios in the Xianshuihe fault zone, Southwest China

Abstract Earthquake-induced landslides can seriously aggravate the earthquake’s destructive consequences and have caused widespread concern in recent decades. The Xianshuihe fault is a large active left-lateral strike-slip fault in...

Journal of Mountain Science

Forest structure of a maple old-growth stand: a case study on the Apennines mountains (Southern Italy)

Abstract In Europe, very small forest areas can be considered to be old-growth, and they are mainly located in Eastern Europe. The typical structures of old growth forests infrequently occur in Mediterranean mountainous environment...

Journal of Mountain Science

Tracing environmental lead sources on the Ao mountain of China using lead isotopic composition and biomonitoring

Abstract Atmospheric lead (Pb) and other trace metals can transport over long distance and deposit on remote alpine ecosystems. In this work, the soil profiles, litter and dominant mosses along a large altitude were collected on Ao...

Journal of Mountain Science

Dynamic assessment of rainfall-induced shallow landslide hazard

Abstract The assessment of rainfall-induced shallow landslide hazards is a significant issue in the Three Gorges Reservoir area in China due to the rapid development of land in the past two decades. In this study, a probabilistic a...

Journal of Mountain Science

Interaction between anti-shear galleries and surrounding rock in the right-bank slope of Dagangshan hydropower station

Abstract The right-bank slope of the Dagangshan hydropower station located in Southwest China is a highly unloaded rock slope. Moreover, large-scale natural faults were detected in the slope body; some excavation-induced unloading ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Understory vascular plant community assembly in relation to time-since-fire and environmental variables in a Chinese boreal forest

Abstract Understanding the response of understory vegetation to fire disturbance is vital to biodiversity conservation and management of boreal forests. We surveyed understory vascular plant richness and composition, and measured r...