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The LabEx ITEM is a research network in the field of humanities and social sciences. The research laboratories that make up this network come from institutions located in the Isere and the Savoie french departments. Labex ITEM's vocation is to provide the mountain territories with the analytical capacity and expertise that are essential to cope with the various forms of change they face: economical, demographical, cultural, climatic and so on.

The objective of this platform is to to shed light on the LabEx ITEM's own activities and networks. Its goal is also to communicate about its partners' various information when related to the mountain territories. This is an open communication and collaborative tool for everyone.

This platform is currently in beta test. Don't hesitate to send us your comments.


Journal of Mountain Science

Water quality assessment of benthic diatom communities for water quality in the subalpine karstic lakes of Jiuzhaigou, a world heritage site in China

Abstract Jiuzhaigou, characterized by its magnificent waterscapes and subalpine karstic features, is both a World Heritage Site and a World Biosphere Reserve in southwestern China. In recent years, this unique ecosystem has shown s...

Journal of Mountain Science

Changes in microbial community composition in the leaf litter of successional communities after volcanic eruptions of Mount Usu, northern Japan

Abstract Changes in the fungal and bacterial biomass and community structure in litter after the volcanic eruptions of Mount Usu, northern Japan were investigated using a chronosequence approach, which is widely used for analyzing ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Three-dimensional stability of landslides based on local safety factor

Abstract Unlike the limit equilibrium method (LEM), with which only the global safety factor of the landslide can be calculated, a local safety factor (LSF) method is proposed to evaluate the stability of different sections of a la...

Journal of Mountain Science

Ecological species groups and interspecific association of vegetation in natural recovery process at Xiejiadian landslide after 2008 Wenchuan earthquake

Abstract Wenchuan earthquake on 12 May 2008 triggered numerous landslides, which disturbed vast areas of vegetation in northwest Sichuan. However, based on our primary field investigation at Xiejiadian landslide in July 2009, we fo...

Projet de thèse

Governing borders. Innovation in cross-border coopération in the Alps: Espace Mont-Blanc and Alpi-Marittime-Mercantour

This doctoral thesis in Geography is the following of a master thesis in mountain law. Co-directed in geography and law and conducted under joint supervision with the Universities of Grenoble-Alps and Geneva, this work is multidisciplinary. The two...

Journal of Mountain Science

Experimental investigation on the relevance of mechanical properties and porosity of sandstone after hydrochemical erosion

Abstract Under the effect of chemical etching, the macroscopic mechanical properties, mesoscopic structure, mineral content, and porosity of rocks undergo significant changes, which can lead to the geological disasters; thus, an unde...

Projet de recherche

Evaluation de la performance et aide à la décision pour la rénovation des habitations de montagne : le cas des stations de moyenne montagne

The winter sports resorts, and general mountain areas, represent a real stake today in several respects. Indeed, tourists, owners, economic and institutional actors of the territory all have varied interests and expectations, which however converge on...

Journal of Mountain Science

Utilization of low quality water of mountain reservoirs: a case study from Al Jabal Al Akhdar, Oman

Abstract Al Jabal al Akhdar (Green Mountain) in arid northern Oman has freshwater resources that had supported small communities for hundreds of years. Jabal Akhdar receives more rainfall (300-400 mm) when compared to the desert pl...

Journal of Mountain Science

Effects of experimental warming on soil microbial communities in two contrasting subalpine forest ecosystems, eastern Tibetan Plateau, China

Abstract Soil microbial communities are primarily regulated by environmental temperature. Our study investigated the effects of global warming on soil microbial community composition as measured via phospholipid fatty acid (PLFA) a...

Journal of Mountain Science

Particle breakage and the mobilized drained shear strengths of sand

Abstract This paper presents particle breakage and the mobilized drained shear strengths of sand with the purpose of clarifying the influence of particle breakage on the mobilized shear strengths of sand. Several drained triaxial t...

Journal of Mountain Science

Spatial variation of stable isotopes in different waters during melt season in the Laohugou Glacial Catchment, Shule River basin

Abstract To evaluate isotopic tracers at natural abundances by providing basic isotope data of the hydrological investigations and assessing the impacts of different factors on the water cycle, a total of 197 water samples were col...

Journal of Mountain Science

Influencing factors of sediment deposition and their spatial variability in riparian zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China

Abstract Many factors can affect the sediment deposition and soil erosion process in riparian zone, including terrain, sediment transport and water level fluctuations. Clarifying the factors influencing sediment deposition process ...