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The LabEx ITEM is a research network in the field of humanities and social sciences. The research laboratories that make up this network come from institutions located in the Isere and the Savoie french departments. Labex ITEM's vocation is to provide the mountain territories with the analytical capacity and expertise that are essential to cope with the various forms of change they face: economical, demographical, cultural, climatic and so on.

The objective of this platform is to to shed light on the LabEx ITEM's own activities and networks. Its goal is also to communicate about its partners' various information when related to the mountain territories. This is an open communication and collaborative tool for everyone.

This platform is currently in beta test. Don't hesitate to send us your comments.


Projet de thèse

Territorial scientific councils: the exchanges devices between actors, places and objects of environmental public action

This PhD thesis is dedicated to the study of scientific councils in the fields of environmental public action and management of protected areas. These organizations, which appear as numerous in France unlike other European countries, have not been muc...

Journal of Mountain Science

Potential effects of future adoption of the REDD mechanism as a preventive measure against deforestation and forest degradation in North Korea

Abstract This study assesses potential effects of adaption to climate change in the future as a carbon related value using a baseline and credit approach, considering the implementation of the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Outlining a stepwise, multi-parameter debris flow monitoring and warning system: an example of application in Aizi Valley, China

Abstract In recent years, the increasing frequency of debris flow demands enhanced effectiveness and efficiency of warning systems. Effective warning systems are essential not only from an economic point of view but are also consid...

Journal of Mountain Science

Variations of bacterial and fungal communities along a primary successional chronosequence in the Hailuogou glacier retreat area (Gongga Mountain, SW China)

Abstract New terrestrial habitats have emerged and a primary succession has developed in the retreat area (29°34'N, 102°00'E, 2951–2886 m) after the retreat of the Hailuogou glacier. To investigate soil microbial changes along the ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Potentials of community-based tourism in transformations towards green economies after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in West China

Abstract This study investigates the contrasting sceneries of community-based tourism after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and focuses on the potentials of tourism in transformations towards green economies. How are tourism and envir...

Journal of Mountain Science

Changing human-environment interactions in medium mountains: the Apuseni Mts (Romania) as a case study

Abstract The study of human-environment relationships in mountain areas is important for both theoretical and practical reasons, as many mountain areas suffer similar problems, such as depopulation, unemployment and natural hazards...

Journal of Mountain Science

The spatial distribution characteristics of shallow fissures of a landslide in the Wenchuan earthquake area

Abstract Shallow fissures, being the main infiltration paths of fluid on the surface of a slope, played an important role in the whole process of a landslide. However, the spatial distribution characteristics of fissures in the slo...

Journal of Mountain Science

Assessing adaptability and response of vegetation to glacier recession in the afro-alpine moorland terrestrial ecosystem of Rwenzori Mountains

Abstract The objective of this study was to explore vegetation adaptability in a changing afro-alpine moorland terrestrial ecosystem on Mt. Rwenzori and to determine whether there were any links with response of vegetation to glaci...

Journal of Mountain Science

Thinning effects on walnut stem and crown diameter growth and fruiting in the walnut-fruit forests of Kyrgyzstan

Abstract The walnut-fruit forests (Juglans regia L.) in southern Kyrgyzstan are considered to be biodiversity hotspots and of considerable economic and ecological importance to local populations. The fruiting ability and stability ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Influence of ginseng cultivation under larch plantations on plant diversity and soil properties in Liaoning Province, Northeast China

Abstract Currently, transforming the mode of forest management and developing multiple forest management practices are actively encouraged in China. As one forest management type, ginseng cultivation under larch plantations has bee...

Journal of Mountain Science

Effect of the inclined weak interlayers on the rainfall response of a bedded rock slope

Abstract Engineering experience shows that outward dipping bedded rock slopes, especially including weak interlayers, are prone to slide under rainfall conditions. To investigate the effect of inclined weak interlayers at various l...

Journal of Mountain Science

Rangeland degradation assessment in Kyrgyzstan: vegetation and soils as indicators of grazing pressure in Naryn Oblast

Abstract Rangelands occupy more than 80% of the agricultural land in Kyrgyzstan. At least 30% of Kyrgyz pasture areas are considered to be subject to vegetation and soil degradation. Since animal husbandry is the economic basis to ...