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The LabEx ITEM is a research network in the field of humanities and social sciences. The research laboratories that make up this network come from institutions located in the Isere and the Savoie french departments. Labex ITEM's vocation is to provide the mountain territories with the analytical capacity and expertise that are essential to cope with the various forms of change they face: economical, demographical, cultural, climatic and so on.

The objective of this platform is to to shed light on the LabEx ITEM's own activities and networks. Its goal is also to communicate about its partners' various information when related to the mountain territories. This is an open communication and collaborative tool for everyone.

This platform is currently in beta test. Don't hesitate to send us your comments.


Journal of Mountain Science

Deep-seated large-scale toppling failure in metamorphic rocks: a case study of the Erguxi slope in southwest China

Abstract Deep-seated large-scale toppling failure presents unique challenges in the study of natural slope deformation process in mountainous regions. An active deep-seated toppling process was identified in the Erguxi slope locate...

Journal of Mountain Science

A new method for the stability analysis of geosynthetic-reinforced slopes

Abstract This paper is concerned with the stability analysis of reinforced slopes. A new approach based on the limit equilibrium principle is proposed to evaluate the stability of the reinforced slopes. The effect of reinforcement ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Assessment of rock slope stability by probabilistic-based Slope Stability Probability Classification method along highway cut slopes in Adilcevaz-Bitlis (Turkey)

Abstract Rock slope stability is of great concern along highway routes as stability problems on cut slopes may cause fatal events as well as loss of property. In rock slope engineering, stability evaluations are commonly performed ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Mineral constituents of a prized edible mushroom ( Tricholoma matsutake ) and soils beneath the fruiting bodies from the production areas across China

Abstract Fruiting bodies (500 g per site) of Tricholoma matsutake and the surface layer of soils collected from 20 spatially distant areas with pristine backgrounds across China were analyzed for potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc...

Journal of Mountain Science

Application of Chebyshev theorem to data preparation in landslide susceptibility mapping studies: an example from Yenice (Karabük, Turkey) region

Abstract Landslide database construction is one of the most crucial stages of the landslide susceptibility mapping studies. Although there are many techniques for preparing landslide database in the literature, representative data ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Effects of rock fragments on yak dung greenhouse gas emissions on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

Abstract Dung deposition is an important pathway of nutrient return and redistribution in alpine grasslands of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. To date, information on the greenhouse gas emissions of yak dung on alpine grasslands, espe...

Journal of Mountain Science

Evaluation of soil erodibility factor (k) for loess derived landforms of Kechik watershed in Golestan Province, North of Iran

Abstract The technique proposed by Wischmeier & Smith for estimating the soil erodibility factor is among the most important methods in this regard. Given the high amounts of silt and lime content in loess soils of eastern parts of...

Journal of Mountain Science

Characteristics of long period microtremor and validation of microtremor array measurements in inland areas of China

Abstract To study the characteristics of long period microtremor and applicability of microtremor survey, we have made microtremor observations using long period seismometers of the China’s mainland from coastal cities like Shangha...

Journal of Mountain Science

Causes and controlling pattern of sand hazards at the Danghe Reservoir of Dunhuang in Northwest China

Abstract Sand hazards are serious at the Danghe Reservoir of Dunhuang, and efforts to control sand are ineffective because disaster-causing mechanisms are currently unclear. The source of sandy materials, dynamic environment of blo...

Journal of Mountain Science

Landslide susceptibility assessment of the region affected by the 25 April 2015 Gorkha earthquake of Nepal

Abstract Nepal was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25th April, 2015. The main shock and many large aftershocks generated a large number of coseismic landslips in central Nepal. We have developed a landslide susceptibility map ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Seismic damage of mountain tunnels during the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake

Abstract A number of mountain tunnels suffered significant damage to various extent during the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China. Damage ranging from small to heavy cracking was observed both at the portal and inside the tunnels, w...

Journal of Mountain Science

Thermal state of soils in the active layer and underlain permafrost at the kilometer post 304 site along the China-Russia Crude Oil Pipeline

Abstract On-site monitoring is very important for understanding formation mechanisms of frost hazards frequently occurring in pipeline foundation soils and for designing and deploying according mitigative measures in permafrost reg...