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The LabEx ITEM is a research network in the field of humanities and social sciences. The research laboratories that make up this network come from institutions located in the Isere and the Savoie french departments. Labex ITEM's vocation is to provide the mountain territories with the analytical capacity and expertise that are essential to cope with the various forms of change they face: economical, demographical, cultural, climatic and so on.

The objective of this platform is to to shed light on the LabEx ITEM's own activities and networks. Its goal is also to communicate about its partners' various information when related to the mountain territories. This is an open communication and collaborative tool for everyone.

This platform is currently in beta test. Don't hesitate to send us your comments.



Séminaire “Climate Change Risk for North American Ski Tourism Markets”

Global climate change is underway and with additional future climate change unavoidable, the tourism industry, investors, and community leaders have many questions about the risk climate change poses to winter sports businesses and ski tourism destina...

Projet de thèse

Social innovations in mountain areas : levers for an ecological transition of the territories?

Reminescent of a situation of crisis and the awareness that there is a need to make a transition towards more sustainable social systems., social innovations - resulting from a civil society and offering solutions to the societal needs in an economic ...

Projet de thèse

Mountains not emblematic vs Territories labeled: Logics of distinction (PnR, Grand Site of France and Geopark) and construction of the specificities in the mountains in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Since the 2000s, the quest for distinction has been favored by rural areas. It is carried out via labeling that involves values ​​around the notions of heritage, environment and sustainability. This phenomenon is particularly acute in Europe in all mo...

Projet de thèse

Living in the mountains. Sports service providers from the 1930s to the present. Genesis and mutations of a territorialized employment resource

This thesis is part of a perspective on the economic and social history of mountain territories. It mobilizes a multidisciplinary approach at the crossroads of the history of sports leisure and the socioeconomics of sport. It aims to examine the hi...


Préparation de la 4e conférence "Sustainable Summits Conference" (Chamonix 2018)

The objectives of this internship is to look for initiatives related to the high mountains carried out in the Alpine Arc, the Pyrenees, and the other mountains of the world. Initiatives offering solutions in the following 3 themes : 1) Theme 1: Amb...

Projet de thèse

Cultures of compost. Practices of (re) making soil between city and mountain

Today urban composting is promoted by national and international public policies in the wake of the Grenelle de l’environnement. Composting activities are now developed not only in rural areas as part of traditional habits, but also in urban areas and...


Social transitions. Practices and resources in changes

Session (1)  Social transitions. Practices and resources in changes Mercredi 11 Janvier Séquence 1 : 14h00 - 15h40 Sequence 1: cultural resources vs ecological resources Animat...

Journal of Mountain Science

High-efficiency calculation method for watershed rainfall-runoff routing using one-dimensional dynamic wave equations

Abstract Efficiency in solving the Saint-Venant equations for watershed rainfall-runoff routing is important in flood hydrology. This paper presents a high-efficiency numerical solution of one-dimensional dynamic wave equations (HEDW...

Journal of Mountain Science

Using Landsat images to monitor changes in the snow-covered area of selected glaciers in northern Pakistan

Abstract Landsat satellite images were used to map and monitor the snow-covered areas of four glaciers with different aspects (Passu: 36.473°N, 74.766°E; Momhil: 36.394°N, 75.085°E; Trivor: 36.249°N, 74.968°E; and Kunyang: 36.083°N, ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Effect of cement on the stabilization of loess

Abstract Considering the potential use of cement-stabilized loess (CSL) as a construction material for structures that are subjected to frequent loess landslides, this paper explores the stabilization and improvement of geotechnical ...

Journal of Mountain Science

A back-propagation neural-network-based displacement back analysis for the identification of the geomechanical parameters of the Yonglang landslide in China

Abstract Xigeda formation is a type of hundred-meter-thick lacustrine sediments of being prone to triggering landslides along the trunk channel and tributaries of the upper Yangtze River in China. The Yonglang landslide located nea...

Journal of Mountain Science

Geometrical feature analysis and disaster assessment of the Xinmo landslide based on remote sensing data

Abstract At 5:39 am on June 24, 2017, a landslide occurred in the village of Xinmo in Maoxian County, Aba Tibet and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture (Sichuan Province, Southwest China). On June 25, aerial images were acquired from an un...