Journal of Mountain Science

Hydrodynamic processes and depositional styles of glacier-associated deposits in the Moxi basin, Southwest China

Abstract This study aims to understand the particle size distribution and depositional styles of glacier-associated deposits in the Moxi basin in southwest China. Based on field surveys, 28 samples from glacier-associated deposits (including glacial till, fluvioglacial, debris flow, river and lake deposits) were collected and tested in the laboratory. The results showed that the glacier-associated deposits can be differentiated based on particle gradation, particle size distribution and accumulated percentages. We evaluated the evolution of a former dammed lake in the Moxi basin based on glacier-associated deposits. The results of this study also indicated that the Moxi Platform was not formed by a single depositional process but is composed of both fluvioglacial and debris flow deposits. This research shows that the depositional style analysis is useful in identifying different glacier-associated deposits in high mountain regions. Moreover, the evaluation of the differences in particle sizes of the glacierassociated deposits is useful in reconstructing geohazard events in periglacial regions, and this information can help in identifying and reducing the potential risks associated with geo-hazards.

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