Journal of Alpine Research / Revue de géographie alpine

Co-creation of Shared Values in the Aim of Reinvigorating a Mountain Region Through Night Tourism: Case Study in French-speaking Switzerland

The Val d’Anniviers, a relatively peripheral valley in the Valais Alps has been at the heart of an applied research project seeking to reinvigorate its tourism. In fact, the School of Management and Tourism in Sierre via its Entrepreneurship, Management and Tourism Research Institutes, has set into motion a process of co-creation bringing together institutional, economic and tourism actors from the region enabling the conception of a novel tourism offer which could be of interest to part of the potential clientele. The product, the creation of the “Star Park”, is a likely candidate for success thanks not only to a location and a topography conducive to star gazing but also thanks to the presence of the village of St. Luc situated in the same valley, as well as an observatory and a trail of the planets which reproduces the solar system on a human scale. What is more, there is a clearly increasing demand at present for original products involving deceleration, stresslessness and going...

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