Journal of Alpine Research / Revue de géographie alpine

The Center for Art and Nature Cerro Gallinero. A Space to Feel the Infinite Surrounded by Silence

How does a project arises that unites nature and art? From the need of a series of artworks to be born and live on in time engendered under the dialogue with the natural elements of the site. It is a personal project approved by the municipality where the community is located, Hoyocasero, Ávila, Spain. Allocate 31 ha. The resolution was adopted unanimously at the plenary session on June 4, 2008, inaugurated on August 14, 2010. Cerro Gallinero in Spain The Cerro is formed by a granitic landscape with scrubland of broom and its neuralgic coordinates are 40° 24' 23.43 " N 4° 57' 44.21" W. The place is a magnificent promontory and its views reach all the upper basin of the Alberche River, behind it it’s contemplated the Paramera Mountain Range and to the west there is the central massif of the Gredos Mountain Range. Southbound we have the Serranillos pass and Pico’s pass that allow the passage of Gredos. Cerro Gallinero, map (2015) Source: Lui...

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