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Bienvenue sur la plate-forme Innovation et Territoires de Montagne

Le LabEx ITEM est un réseau d'acteurs des territoires et de chercheurs issus des établissements de recherche d’Isère et de Savoie. Sa vocation est d’apporter aux territoires de montagne les capacités d’analyse et d’expertise qu’appellent les différentes formes de changement auxquelles ils sont confrontés.


Journal of Mountain Science

Hydrodynamic processes and depositional styles of glacier-associated deposits in the Moxi basin, Southwest China

Abstract This study aims to understand the particle size distribution and depositional styles of glacier-associated deposits in the Moxi basin in southwest China. Based on field surveys, 28 samples from glacier-associated deposits ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Composition, diversity and distribution of tree species in response to changing soil properties with increasing distance from water source — a case study of Gobind Sagar Reservoir in India

Abstract Construction of big dams on rivers develops artificial lakes or water reservoirs which conceive alterations in soil properties of the upstream catchment area. An undulating topography and freckly soil properties cause ups ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Identifying soil structure along headwater hillslopes using ground penetrating radar based technique

Abstract Soil structure plays an important role in understanding soil attributes as well as hydrological processes. Effective method to obtain high quality soil map is therefore important for both soil science research and soil wor...

Journal of Mountain Science

Estimation of soil reinforcement by the roots of four post-dam prevailing grass species in the riparian zone of Three Gorges Reservoir, China

Abstract Soil erosion and bank degradation is a major post-dam concern regarding the riparian zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir. The development and succession of vegetation is a main countermeasure, especially to enhance bank sta...

Journal of Mountain Science

Protection of architectural heritage: attitudes of local residents and visitors in Sirako, Greece

Abstract Architectural heritage comprises one of the most important elements of mountain settlements in Greece. It holds high cultural value, represents the tangible continuation of the past and forms the unique character and ident...

Journal of Mountain Science

Non-capacity transport of non-uniform bed load sediment in alluvial rivers

Abstract Rivers often witness non-uniform bed load sediment transport. For a long time, non-uniform bed load transport has been assumed to be at capacity regime determined exclusively by local flow. Yet whether the capacity assumpt...

Journal of Mountain Science

Comparison of stem taper models for the four tropical tree species in Mount Makiling, Philippines

Abstract This study was conducted to evaluate the performance of six stem taper models on four tropical tree species, namely Celtis luzonica (Magabuyo), Diplodiscus paniculatus (Balobo), Parashorea malaanonan (Bagtikan), and Swiete...

Journal of Mountain Science

Risk assessment of maize drought disaster in southwest China using the Environmental Policy Integrated Climate model

Abstract The East Asian monsoon has a tremendous impact on agricultural production in China. An assessment of the risk of drought disaster in maize-producing regions is therefore important in ensuring a reduction in such disasters ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Applying systematic conservation planning to constitute a protection strategy for broad-leaved Korean pine forests in Changbai Mountains, China

Abstract The broad-leaved Korean pine (Pinus koraiensis) forest is one of the most biodiverse zonal communities in the North Temperate Zone and an important habitat for many endangered species. Broad-leaved Korean pine forests (BKP...

"Au Top!" Le Carnet du Pôle Formation

Dynamisme des savoirs écologiques traditionnels & Adaptation au changement climatique dans une région montagneuse himalayenne, le Ladakh

Ce texte est une note d’intention en vue d’une communication à la Deuxième Université Internationale d’Hiver, rédigée par Stéphanie Piffeteau, Assistante, Institut des sciences de l’environnement , Université de Genève. Retravaillée, la communication ...

Pôle Alpin d’études et de recherche pour la prévention des Risques Naturels (PARN)

Journées SHF « Glaciologie-Nivologie-Hydrologie de Montagne » 2016

8-9 mars 2016 Grenoble Les journées « Glaciologie-Nivologie-Hydrologie de Montagne » de la Société Hydrotechnique de France (SHF) se tiendront les 8 et 9 mars 2016 au LGGE, sur le Campus universitaire de Grenoble. Ces journées d’é...

Pôle Alpin d’études et de recherche pour la prévention des Risques Naturels (PARN)

Journée Risque rocheux

8 mars 2016 Grenoble – PARN Apports de la science à la compréhension et à la gestion du risque rocheux sur l’agglomération grenobloise A l’initiative du laboratoire ISTerre, et dans le cadre de ses activités d’interface entre les ...