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Bienvenue sur la plate-forme Innovation et Territoires de Montagne

Le LabEx Item est un réseau d'acteurs des territoires et de chercheurs issus des établissements de recherche d’Isère et de Savoie. Sa vocation est d’apporter aux territoires de montagne les capacités d’analyse et d’expertise qu’appellent les différentes formes de changement auxquelles ils sont confrontés.

Cette plate-forme vise à rendre visible les activités et réseaux mis en oeuvre dans le projet ITEM ainsi qu'à diffuser l'information de nos partenaires autour de la montagne. Il s'agit d'un outil d'informations, d'échanges, de collaboration et de partages ouvert à tous.


Journal of Mountain Science

Runnel development on granitic boulders on the foothills of Mount Kinabalu (Pinosuk Gravel Formation, Sabah, N Borneo)

Abstract Runnels are characteristic erosional features on karstified soluble rocks and can occasionally develop on less soluble rocks (i.e. sandstones and granites) but are poorly reported in Malaysia. This research summarizes boul...

Journal of Mountain Science

Response of Xiao Dongkemadi Glacier in the central Tibetan Plateau to the current climate change and future scenarios by 2050

Abstract The Tibetan Plateau (TP) holds ten thousands of alpine glaciers in mid-latitude. They have shrunk with an accelerating retreat rate recently. We applied a distributed temperature-index massbalance model developed by Regine...

Journal of Mountain Science

Identifying suitable habitats of three ungulates in Arjinshan National Nature Reserve, China

Abstract Arjinshan National Nature Reserve (ANNR) is one of 3 refuges of the endemic ungulates Tibetan wild ass (Equus kiang), Chiru (Pantholops hodgsonii) and wild yak (Bos mutus) that are endangered by natural and anthropogenic f...

Journal of Mountain Science

Integrated development planning in mountainous areas - the case of Konitsa, Greece

Abstract In the research literature, we have identified a lack of common understanding of the “development” concept. The meaning of development has changed over the last decades from referencing simple economic growth to embracing ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Numerical simulation for different motion forms of sliding soil along slope with PFC3D

Abstract The motion forms (deformation) of the sliding soil along the slope include inviscid particle flow, viscous particle flow, and mass sliding. The motion forms were mainly influenced by the mechanical properties of the viscou...

Journal of Mountain Science

Investigating the role of stratigraphy in large-area physically-based analysis of December 1999 Cervinara shallow landslides

Abstract The paper describes a large-area analysis of the triggering zones of shallow landslides on a case of unsaturated layered volcanic air-fall (pyroclastic) soil deposits in Cervinara site (18 km2), Southern Italy. The physica...

Journal of Mountain Science

Relationships between plant colonization and soil characteristics in the natural recovery of an earthquake-triggered debris flow gully in the Wanglang National Nature Reserve, China

Abstract Fragmentation and loss of habitats due to natural disasters, like earthquakes and earthquaketriggered debris flows are existing threats to the longterm survival of the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca). To better unders...

Journal of Mountain Science

Recreational value estimation of suburban leisure agriculture: a case study of the Qianjiangyue agritourism farm

Abstract As a form of economic and community development, agritourism has a strong and widespread appeal to all tourists. To explore the situation and value of agritourism in China, the Qianjiangyue agritourism farm located between...

Journal of Mountain Science

Inter- and intra-seasonal effects of temperature variation on radial growth of alpine treeline Norway spruce

Abstract A widely accepted standpoint contends that plant growth near the cold edge of the species range, such as treelines, does not depend on the annual temperature seasonality (i.e. difference between maximum and minimum tempera...

Journal of Mountain Science

The impact of nitrogen amendment and crop growth on dissolved organic carbon in soil solution

Abstract Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) is an important component of the terrestrial carbon cycle. However, the sources and controlling factors of DOC in soils remain uncertain. In this study, the effects of nitrogen (N) amendment ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Cyclic load testing of pre-stressed rock anchors for slope stabilization

Abstract The objective of this research was to assess the characteristics of seismic induced damage and the deformation patterns of pre-stressed cement-grouted cables that are used for rock slope stabilization projects subjected to...

Journal of Alpine Research / Revue de géographie alpine

103-3 | 2015 – Les territoires de montagne, fournisseurs mondiaux de ressources

Mountains as Global Suppliers : New Forms of Disparities Between Mountain Areas and Metropolitan Hubs [Texte intégral] Manfred Perlik Les territoires de montagne comme fournisseurs mondiaux de ...