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Bienvenue sur la plate-forme Innovation et Territoires de Montagne

Le LabEx ITEM est un réseau d'acteurs des territoires et de chercheurs issus des établissements de recherche d’Isère et de Savoie. Sa vocation est d’apporter aux territoires de montagne les capacités d’analyse et d’expertise qu’appellent les différentes formes de changement auxquelles ils sont confrontés.


Journal of Mountain Science

Experimental analysis for the dynamic initiation mechanism of debris flows

Abstract Debris flow is one of the major secondary mountain hazards following the earthquake. This study explores the dynamic initiation mechanism of debris flows based on the strength reduction of soils through static and dynamic ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Climate–growth relationship stability of Picea crassifolia on an elevation gradient, Qilian Mountain, Northwest China

Abstract Climate affects Picea crassifolia growth and climate change will lead to changes in the climate–growth relationship (i.e., the “divergence” phenomenon). However, standardization methods can also change the understanding of...

Journal of Mountain Science

Effect of weather conditions on the incidence of Lophodermium yellow needle blight in the dwarf mountain pine in the Karkonosze and Izerskie Mountains (Poland)

Abstract The study aimed to determine, by using a statistical model, the effect of weather conditions on the incidence of Lophodermium yellow needle blight causing by new species for science - Lophodermium corconticum, in the mount...

Journal of Mountain Science

Effect of barley straw biochar application on greenhouse gas emissions from upland soil for Chinese cabbage cultivation in short-term laboratory experiments

Abstract Chinese cabbage was cultivated in upland soil with the addition of biochar in order to investigate the potential for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Barley straw biochar (BSB) was introduced in a Wagner pot (1/5000a...

Journal of Mountain Science

Comparison of the rise of water level in the typical catchments, Three Gorges Reservoir area

Abstract Water level is an important index for studying hydrologic processes. Water level rise processes were studied in three catchments (catchment I, II, III in Chen Jiagou watershed in the Three Gorge Reservoir Area) with differ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Review of studies on land use and land cover change in Nepal

Abstract Land use and land cover (LULC) in Nepal has undergone constant change over the past few decades due to major changes caused by anthropogenic and natural factors and their impacts on the national and regional environment an...

Journal of Mountain Science

Erosion processes in karst landscapes of the Russian plain northern taiga, based on digital elevation modeling

Abstract This paper considers the problems of the potential development of erosion processes in the natural landscapes of northern taiga in the Russian plain. It is considered that in forest ecosystems, erosion processes are slow a...

Journal of Mountain Science

Long-range precipitation forecasts using paleoclimate reconstructions in the western United States

Abstract Long-range precipitation forecasts are useful when managing water supplies. Oceanic-atmospheric oscillations have been shown to influence precipitation. Due to a longer cycle of some of the oscillations, a short instrument...

Journal of Mountain Science

Dynamics of land use change in a mining area: a case study of Nadowli District, Ghana

Abstract In a developing country like Ghana, the study of land use and land cover change (LULCC) based on satellite imageries still remains a challenge due to cost, resolution and availability with less skilled man power. Existing ...

Journal of Mountain Science

Effect of potassium on soil conservation and productivity of maize/cowpea based crop rotations in the north-west Indian Himalayas

Abstract Plots under conservation tillage may require higher amount of potassium (K) application for augmenting productivity due to its stratification in upper soil layers, thereby reducing K supplying capacity in a medium or long-...

Journal of Mountain Science

Variation in carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus partitioning between above- and belowground biomass along a precipitation gradient at Tibetan Plateau

Abstract Precipitation is a potential factor that significantly affects plant nutrient pools by influencing biomass sizes and nutrient concentrations. However, few studies have explicitly dissected carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phos...

Master 2 "Droit de la Montagne" - UGA USMB

Eoliennes en zone de montagne/ Dérogation au principe d’urbanisation en continuité

CAA de BORDEAUX N° 14BX02096 Inédit au recueil Lebon 1ère chambre (formation à trois) Mme GIRAULT, président M. Paul-André BRAUD, rapporteur M. NORMAND, rapporteur public CABINET MAILLOT AVOCATS ASSOCIES, avocat lecture du jeudi 3 mars 2016 REPUBLIQUE...